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Afternoon Academy are a specialist digital marketing event and workshop business offering simple, practical and actionable advice to small businesses in Yorkshire, looking for simple and cost effective answers on how best to drive traffic and enquiries to their websites.

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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a broad umbrella term that describes the practice of promoting businesses, brands and websites through an electronic channel or device. For us that primarily means promoting small business websites using the full spectrum of Search Engine marketing, Social Media Management and Email Marketing, to increase qualified traffic to those sites.

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What we do

We present a range of digital marketing events that are a blend of traditional seminar style delivery coupled with live demonstrations directly related to the delegates and their websites to reinforce how easy it is to implement our advice for their businesses

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Time Table

Session One | Relevance
Session Two | Popularity
Networking & Drinks


Following registration a buffet lunch will be served which you can enjoy in the company of your fellow delegates allowing for open networking. Be sure to bring some business cards.

How search engines work

How they work and why it matters.

A brief description of how search engines capture and catalogue information about your website and how they use relevance and popularity signals to determine where you should appear in their results.


It all starts with words typed in a tiny box.

How to determine which keywords will impact favourably on your bottom line and which ones will never make you money.


Building regulations for your website.

Explains the common reasons why websites may not be able to see your content and how to fix.


Making sure your content matches Google’s expectations.

How to make sure your keywords are put to good use on your webpages, where to place them on your page for maximum effect and how to check you’ve done it right.


Time to give your brains a break and recharge with some caffeine and sugar!


Making it easy for you to monitor the changing impact of your SEO activity on your site.

Explanation of what tools are available online to track your keyword rankings and traffic data and what information is important to measure to determine true ROI.


What is a link and why does it matter?

How search engines use links to determine a websites popularity and how to use this information to your advantage. Some links are better than others…


Now you know why, here’s how to start acquiring your own links.

Five tried and trusted methods to quickly and easily boost your link profile to boost your popularity


Location is becoming increasingly important in search results.

How to benefit from geographic search results to win more local business


On conclusion of the day a complimentary bar is available to discuss the things you have learnt with your fellow delegates, ask questions of the speakers and presents another opportunity to develop business relationships with like minded local companies.

Who is it for?

The Small Business Guide to SEO is primarily aimed at local, Yorkshire, small business who are happy to tackle increasing their search engine visibility themselves and are just looking for some practical advice and tips on how to start and what to do.

This is a beginner to intermediate level event focussed on empowering small business owners by demonstrating the range of online tools available to them at no cost and how to make best use for their individual business goals.

This course is also ideal for companies who are considering engaging a professional company to deliver their SEO campaigns but know they need some background knowledge first to be better informed on which agency to appoint.

What to expect

The course is broken down into ten bite size chunks of between 10 and 15 minutes focussing on topics such as how to choose the right keywords and how to increase visibility in the search engines.

Following a short presentation explaining the principles of each topic and how to use that knowledge directly for the benefit your business.

This is followed by a live demo taking information directly from a delegate and demonstrating how to apply the principles learned to their business and which online resources are available to help them.


Francis is an entertaining and engaging speaker who draws on over 15 years personal experience of running his own web design agency to present in an informative and eye opening fashion. His style is honest and educational and he manages to freely communicate what can be a technical subject in an easy to understand language that avoids as much geek speak as possible!

As a small business owner himself Francis also understands the need to get a return on investment from any marketing activity and his delivery is weighted towards what other small businesses need to know to achieve this.

He has delivered over 300 websites and has a track record of getting his clients on page one of Google even in competitive industries such as financial services, insurance, real estate and travel, using only accepted, legitimate practices.

Finally his blend of humour and real life experience makes for an enjoyable and commercially valuable afternoon.


Howley Hall, Golf Club
Scotchman Lane, Morley, LEEDS, LS27 0NX
01924 692 001info@afternoonacademy.co.uk



“Francis makes what I always found to be a difficult subject easy to understand and how it applies to me. His experience and honest approach made for a refreshing, educational and motivational afternoon.”

Steve Clayton, Gagajoo Landscapes

“Great Event, Great Format, Great Speaker! I left the event knowing there is no big secret to SEO and how to go about appearing in Google for the terms that mattered to my business.”

Sarah Purdham, Prima Uno

“Highly recommended for anyone wanting honest, easy to understand, straight forward advice on how the search engines work and how to use that information to increase enquiries to your website.”

James Dabbs, JD Marquees


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Coffee Break

Session Two

Open Bar and Networking

March 2017

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